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before build explained

Primesure Consulting could advise you from start to end of your project. We can be the third party between the customer and the builder. Or we can guide you in terms of issues that may arise and work procedures.

More in this phase:

  • qualification check over constructor
  • construction phase plan check
  • advice related to built evaluation, condition or remediation of property
  • quotation overview

build in progress explained

After completion, many properties are affected by critical issues. Professional analysis is recommended before the works have been completed. If you didn't look for a specialist before, in this phase is time to take action. 

More in this phase:

  • estimation of additional work - sometimes the contractor must carry out all necessary work to complete the project and cannot claim further payment for any part of the additional work
  • project quality & progress assessment

after build explained

After the completion of work and before any final payment agreement with your contractor, Primesure Consulting can guarantee your peace of mind by finding all the snags and checking inside and outside of your new property.

More in this phase:

  • defects remediation proposal
  • we'll check brickwork, paintwork, roof, ceilings, walls, tiles, grouting, windows, doors, plumbing, electrics, stairs, floors, heating, skirting boards, radiators, pipes and not only.

snag list example

House defects issues and structural problems

defects home inspection

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