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Continuing a Vision

Many years ago, I had a vision…

My experience is based, especially, on practice. But practice is not enough. To be professional may be good enough for some, but I want more than that. I want to be better than a professional. My goal was to achieve excellence. To become a specialist, an expert in the construction sector.

For this reason, in addition to a long experience in practice, I have completed a series of courses and specialisations.

Over the years, I have gained experience both as a client in a relationship with a contractor, but also as a contactor in a relationship with a client.

I had a vision, a goal: to add value to people’s lives. This is meaningful for me…

Daniel I. Stefura

CEO & Founder Primesure Consulting

our services

the difference we make

Differently from other experts in the field, we offer you our specialised advice before construction, construction in progress and after the construction is complete

before build

From the design plan and construction process down to the outcome, everything should be well-thought-out. This service has a positive impact on risk reduction before you start to build a solid property.

build in progress

We will help you keep track of everything as your project progresses. At this stage of construction, we can still inspect and rectify certain deficiencies of property, helping you to save future costs.

after build

We are professionals and have a complete working knowledge of what to inspect. Our job is to ensure that, at the completion, the quality of the construction is optimal. We carry out that no snagging list occurs.

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