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What does snagging means

The term snagging has no universally accepted meaning. The process usually describes the process of inspecting construction works to identify any incomplete items or areas of defects in such purportedly complete works. Although snagging is a well-established and recognised procedure in the building industry, it is hardly ever the subject of an express contractual provision, leading to confusion during the correction (defects liability/rectification) period.

However, to help our customers, we decided to provide them with our expert advice before the build, in-progress build and after the build process.

What does a snagging list means

A snagging list (also known as a punch list) is meant to be a schedule of the very minor items of work (or snags) that are leftover at practical completion, although sometimes the length and nature of the list can vary. 

Do I really need a snagging inspection?

Yes. A professional snagging inspector has the experience, expertise, competence and attention to detail to identify the huge variety of potential defects that the untrained eye may miss. 

Why use Primesure Consulting services?

As specialists, we have a trained eye for detail and know exactly what to look for in a property and what can go wrong during a build. Professionals have the experience, knowledge, equipment, and expertise to find all defects and provide a more comprehensive report to ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for. Primesure Consulting will save you a lot of time and money and can discuss with the housebuilder on your behalf so you don’t have to.

How much does your professional services cost?

The price you pay for our services will depend on the size of your property and what your package includes.

When do you require the payment for the inspection?

You need to pay 48 hours prior to the inspection at the latest. Please note, if you’ve booked within 48 hours to the actual inspection – the payment is due immediately. Once you’ve made a booking, an e-mail with the invoice it will be sent to you.

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