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Primesure Consulting provides quality, competent building advice and support to private customers, before, during and after the project.
Primesure Consulting is based in London but offers services in and around the London area. Our sphere of expertise covers renovation, extension, conversion of buildings, but it is not limited to that.
We are absolutely customer-oriented, having long-term relationships with our clients and serving them only in their interests with impartiality and honesty.

primesure consulting

advice, management & snagging services

Our Vision & Mission

In this area of competence, Primesure Consulting aims to be one of the most reputable consulting companies in the UK.

As new-build snagging experts, we use our knowledge, expertise and equipment to ensure our customers’ new property is everything they dream to be.

Our Values

We strive to provide reliable services, to be objective and impartial in our relationship with both contractors and customers.

Why Choose Us

The most important advantage in working with us is that the cost of consulting is very small in relation to the potential cost of undetected issues. You can not onlyget helpul insight into the construction of the property by having a property inspection performed, but you can also avoid having to make costly repairs down the line if something goes wrong.

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